On 3rd April 2016, Kaštel will hold the traditional vintage cycling event Istrianissima. This years route will take us through the valleys and across the gentle hills of Istria, finishing on the coast in Lovrečica.
The tour will start from the Sparisada festival yard in Kaštel. This year’s route goes counterclockwise with respect to the other year. We will go towards Grožnjan and climb the ridge with panoramic views up to get off to a pitstop at Čirkoti.
From Čirkoti the tour continues to Šterna and Marušiči back in the direction to the Sparisada in Kaštel for quick stopover. Those who are a bit tired after these 45 km and would like to stop, can consider it a finish.
The rest of the caravan continues the tour on secondary roads through vineyards and olive gardens in the surrounding valley for 15 km towards Lovrečica where in the small port we will grab a bite of grilled specialties prepared by our chefs. The toughest ones then return to Kaštel and those who after 60 km are not going to continue on bike, there will be a transport service back to Kaštel. 
At the end of the total 75 km with food and wine stops we will be sharing a memorable day together
in this wonderful area between sea and gentle hills.
The number of partecipants is limited. To participate is necessary to make a pre-registration leaving personal information, address, phone and email. You can submit your application using our contact page.